For Company

Use our scalable integrated Process Automation Platform for your organization or white labelling it and resell it to your clients

For your organization

Our experienced Account Manager will help you purchase the services to meet your budget and performance requirements by helping you to:

  • Configure the virtual servers, capacity, and required performance
  • Select the appropriate Process Automation Applications for your company

With the Pay-As-You-Go payment method, the company can control costs and scale up as needed for business expansion.

White labeling with your own brand and becoming a reseller

You can acquire our solution to re-sell it to your clients. Our experienced Account Managers will help you purchase the services to meet your budget and performance requirement by helping you to:

  • Configure virtual servers, their capacity, and required performance
  • Determine the number of client domains that your company needs
  • Select the Process Automation Applications needed by each client or client group

With the Pay-As-You-Go payment method, your company can always scale up as necessary for business expansion.

Ready-to-use Configurable Automated Workflows


Elevate your HR operations with our automated Timecard Processing, Attendance and Vacation Processing, Staff Directory Updates Processing, On/Off-Boarding Processing, Personnel Actions/Position Control processing, and Electronic Document Filing and Archiving System


Take command of your financial processes with our streamlined Travel Expenditure Processing, Daily Mileage Processing, Expense Claim Processing, and Hourly Employee Payment Processing.

General Administration

Simplify your administrative tasks and remove all paper forms to save costs with our Facility Management Processing, Bid Management Processing, Fleet and Vehicle Request Processing, and many more…

Business Solution-Marketing and Sales

Propel your business growth with our Client Surveying and Feedback Processing, Event Budgeting Processing, and many other automated workflows for Client Management services, ensuring you stay connected with your customers and ahead of the competition.

Use our Customization Services to develop Process Automation solutions your organization needs to Save On Development costs and Reduce Project Risks.

Asset and Inventory Control

Stay ahead with real-time tracking, ordering, and supply chain integration that keeps your operations smooth and synchronized.

Safety and Compliance

Create a safer workplace and ensure compliance by automating operational processes

Facilities and Event Management

Seamlessly manage facilities bookings, event planning, and service requests with our intuitive platforms.

Performance and Training

Automate your performance evaluation processes and staff training tracking to enhance employee development.

Data Governance and Compliance

Protect your data with our robust classification, access control, and compliance with data protection laws.

Clients Integration

Automate periodic client communication processes and interact with your customers to build lasting relationships

Vendor and Contract Management

Simplify procurement with automated vendor selection, contract renewals, and performance evaluations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Demonstrate your commitment to social impact with tools for managing CSR initiatives and volunteer hours.